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      • TH-1 Catalyst 

        TTH-1catalyst, equivalent to Univation UCAT-A and Ineos SDX catalyst, is high efficient catalyst which can produce LLDPE\MDPE\HDPE resins with melt index of 1.0~20g/10min and density of 0.91~0.96g/cm3. It can be for Unipol and Innovene (without pre-polymerization) gas phase process. The products are divided into type A, B and H.

        Product characteristics:

        1.Better polymerization performance than  UCAT-A catalyst ,huge breakthrough in activity and bulk density;2.Good hydrogen sensitivity and copolymerization performance;3.Excellent adaptability to the plants of different capacity.

      • TH-1 Catalyst grades and index:

      • enZiegler-Natta Ti-Mg series  powder(TH-1)  (圖1)

      • Resin grades and applications:

      • enZiegler-Natta Ti-Mg series  powder(TH-1)  (圖2)

      • The properties of resins produced by TH-1 catalyst:

      • enZiegler-Natta Ti-Mg series  powder(TH-1)  (圖3)

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