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      Xinsu Chemical Co. Ltd. began to develop metallocene catalyst in 2006 and built a metallocene catalyst production unit with the capacity of 200 tons/year in 2010.In 2013, our metallocene catalyst was regarded as scientific and technological achievement. We owned bridged metallocene catalysts invention patent. a variety of resins produced can completely replace the imported mPE resin products in domestic market.

      TH-5 is metallocene catalyst, which is equivalent to Univation  XCATTM catalyst for Unipol gas phase polymerization process. It can produce full density polyethylene and be divided into type A, B and C.

      TH-5A is equivalent to Univation XCATTM HP-100 metallocene catalyst. It can produce similar resin as Exceed mPE with excellent impact strength and tenacity, falling dart impact, optical properties and heat sealing performance. It increases downgauge potential and cost saving through raw-material economy which can reduce packaging waste rate and the impact on the environment.

      TH-5B is equivalent to Univation XCATTM EZ-100 metallocene catalyst. It can produce similar resin as Enable mPE with excellent processing performance and improved production capacity by reducing the melt temperature, melt pressure and motor load,it also gives out good operation stability and adaptability to the varied process condition. Compared with LLDPE/LDPE blends, TH-5A and TH-5B mPE blends have excellent shrink and optical properties ,can significantly reduce the film thickness,  blend mPE resins produced with TH-5B and TH-5A catalyst improve the processing performance and broaden the application field.

      TH-5C is the same as the Univation XCATTM VPR catalyst, which can produce 0.905 ~0.954g/cm3 mPE for film ,pipe, rotational moulding and injection resins with excellent mechanical properties and processing performance.

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