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      enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)
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      • TH-2 Catalyst

        TH-2 catalyst is equivalent to Univation UCAT-G catalyst for Unipol/Innovene (without pre-polymerization) gas phase process ( both at dry and condensing mode) which can produce HDPE resin. The catalysts are divided into type A, B and  C.  Product characteristics:

        1. Suitable for both dry and condensing mode, copolymerizing with  butene or hexene, little static in polymerization reactor leading no caking and long term operation;

        2. Regular resin powder shape, moderate size (between 0.7-1.0mm), good fluidized state;

        3. HDPE Produced with broad molecular weight distribution, good processing property and high strength;

        4. Mainly for the production of special grades resins, such as large hollow container (DMD1158), pipe (DGDB2480) thin film (DGDA6098, DGDS6097).

      • TH-2 Catalyst grades and index:

      • enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)(圖1)

      • Resin grades and applications:

      • enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)(圖2)

      • Properties of resins produced by TH-2 catalyst:

      • enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)(圖3)

      • enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)(圖4)

      • enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)(圖5)

      • enChrome series powder(TH-2/TH-3)(圖6)

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