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      TH-5 Catalyst

      • TH-5 is metallocene catalyst, which is equivalent to Univation  XCATTM catalyst for Unipol gas phase polymerization process. It can produce full density polyethylene with hexane as comonomer , TH-5 catalyst can be divided into type A, B and .For this catalyst, Xinsuchemical has her own intellectual patent.

      • TH-5A is equivalent to Univation XCATTM HP-100 metallocene catalyst. It can produce similar resin as Exceed mPE with excellent impact strength and tenacity, falling dart impact, optical properties and heat sealing performance. 

      • TH-5B is equivalent to Univation XCATTM EZ-100 metallocene catalyst. It can produce similar resin as Enable mPE .Now we are improving this catalyst.

      • TH-5C is the same as the Univation XCATTM VPR catalyst, which can produce 0.905 ~0.954g/cm3 mPE for film ,pipe, rotational molding and injection resins with excellent mechanical properties and processing performance.

      Product characteristics:

      1. Catalyst has moderate activity (5000~10000kgPE/kgCAT) ;

      2. Little static can give long term production;

      3. Resins has excellent mechanical properties, optical properties and heat sealing properties;

      4. Resin powder is dry ,has less fines and good flowability.

      TH-5 Catalyst grades, index and resin applications:



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